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Shipping Puppies

Delivery to a Major Airport Near You

***Typical Cost: $335

I have flown puppies to new homes and have had great experiences. We fly out of Kansas City, Missouri.

  • DELTA AIRLINES: Delta is limited to temperatures between 10 and 85 degrees at source, destination, and any layover airport unless all those airports are participating in the summer program. I can usually get better flight schedules with Delta.

  • CONTINENTAL AIRLINES: Because of their facilities, Continental is rarely limited by temperature restrictions. There are no direct flights with Continental, however.  Continental is harder for me because I have to begin driving at 2:30 a.m. to get there in time for the one flight per day that can take puppies.

  • OTHER CARRIERS: Other airlines are a possibility, such as United and Frontier. However, I need to check their prices to make sure I can still fly the puppy for the normal amount (above) that I charge.

***The cost includes all the fees: travel carrier, dishes, airline ticket, flight health certificate, etc. It is occasionally higher, such as when the schedule has a really-short layover (and they have to rush the puppy from one plane to another) or when the arrival time is late, after the Pet Desks at Air Cargo close.  This is typically $50 to $60, and we know at the time of booking the flight whether an additional charge applies.

Paying For A Puppy Flight

If your puppy will be flying to you, the puppy and flight must be paid for before the puppy can leave. There is a button at the bottom of my Payments page for shipping if you'd like to use a credit card. If you are paying by check, the check must be here 10 days or more prior to departure so it has time to be deposited and processed by your bank and mine.

Shipping To Canada

I may be able to fly puppies to Canada, though it is sometimes difficult because very few airports in Canada will receive puppies on flights.

If you are near the border between the US and Canada, we may be able to fly your puppy to an airport in the US (example: Burlington, Vermont is not too far from Montreal). Usually, this only requires me to get the puppy health certificate within 72 hours of crossing the border, and making sure the puppy's first vaccination was not a single day before 6 weeks of age, as well as providing you a receipt for the puppy's purchase value).

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