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General Puppy Inquiries

To inquire about puppies in general, please either e-mail me or call me.
Click here for the e-mail address and phone number.
(If you want to actually reserve a puppy, read the section below.)

Reserving a Puppy

If you are ready to reserve a puppy, you have made it to the correct page to help you out. For the most part, there are four steps to follow once you have made the decision that the time is right for a puppy to join your family.

First, e-mail me or call me to make sure the puppy you are interested in is available.

Second, read through the Guarantees. Placing a deposit on a puppy is an agreement between us, and I want you to have confidence that your puppy has guarantees.

Third, I will need a little information about you for my records. The form lower on this page is my "puppy information form," that gives me most of what I will need to know, and is required for all puppies purchased.

Fourth and last, after you fill out the form below, place a deposit on your puppy to reserve him or her once you make a final decision. I will soon afterward mark the puppy as being reserved, so everyone knows he or she is not available. Please note that until a deposit has been placed or sent on a puppy, the puppy is available for purchase. I can no longer reserve puppies where no deposit has been placed.

After reserving a puppy, remember to check out this page for tips on supplies and puppy food for your puppy.

Once you and I decide upon a time for you to meet your puppy, I will give you instructions to reach my acreage. Online mapping and GPS have taken my visitors all over the county, getting them lost. Please do not rely upon GPS and online mapping...for my address, it is unreliable for some reason!  Contact me for detailed instructions to reach me.

Information Form For My Puppies' New Owners
(not for general inquiries)

Please fill in the information below and click the button at the bottom to send your information to me.


Your Name

E-mail Address (remember to include what goes before AND after the @ sign) If this puppy would be a surprise and we should not e-mail or call a given number, please indicate that in the box with the e-mail address or the phone #!  :-)

Re-type e-mail address

Mailing Address: Street Address, City, State, and Zip Code  

Primary Phone #    If this puppy would be a surprise and we should not e-mail or call a given number, please indicate that in the box after your phone number!  :-)

Secondary Phone #
If this puppy would be a surprise and we should not e-mail or call a given number, please indicate that in the box! 
(Note: If a puppy will fly to it's new home, the airlines request 2 phone numbers if possible)

Most interested in a male

Most interested in a female

Gender doesn't matter

If you see a puppy on the Puppies page that you are particularly interested in, please let us know which puppy that is. For example, you might say "Cutie Pie's female puppy #2." If you don't have a puppy picked out, leave this blank.

If the puppy is AKC registerable, will you be wanting the puppy for a Pet Only, or do you plan to Breed or Show? Please note that puppies are sold with Limited Registration unless we offer Full Registration on the web site. When applicable, Limited and Full registrations are offered at different prices. See our Puppies page for registration options and prices.

  Pet Only (Limited AKC registration, which typically costs less)      OR

  Show and Breeding Rights (Full AKC registration, which typically costs more)

If you buy a puppy, will it have to fly or be shipped to you? We live in SW Iowa, about 2 hours each from Des Moines, Kansas City, and Omaha.

Yes, it would have to be shipped.

No, I would come pick it up.

If you answered "Yes," please list 2 major airports near you so we can determine if shipping is an easy option to arrange:

Would you be planning to spay or neuter your puppy?

Yes, we would plan to spay or neuter.

No spaying/neutering. This puppy would possibly be used for breeding. Please be honest. If I know you will breed, I will let you know if I notice any shortcomings that would only matter to a breeder.

It is important to me to know that if you have one of my puppies, you are ready for the commitments that go along with owning a dog and raising a puppy. Cockers, like many breeds, are wonderful dogs. But, they do have their moments...such as during potty training! Puppies of all breeds go through chew stages and require potty training to be indoor dogs. Are you ready?  :-)

What comments/questions do you have for me? Type them below:

Before clicking Submit,  be sure to read our Guarantees page for answers to important questions. The Guarantees page is required reading for all of our puppies' new owners. By submitting this form, you are assuring us that you/they have read the Guarantees page before reserving a puppy.

Also make sure you read the bulleted sentences/notes that describe each litter, which typically appear right above the first puppy's photos.

AGREE_TO_GUARANTEES I have read the Guarantees and will ask questions if I have any.

I do not agree to the Guarantees. (If you do not agree, we can not let you have a puppy!)

Click the button below to send your information and comments to us. If you don't hear from me in response, please e-mail me at the address near the bottom of each web page. Every now and then, a form will be lost in cyberspace, so please let me know if you don't get a response back. Thanks!

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