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  • My puppies are eating Diamond Naturals Small Breed Puppy Food.
    Both are high-scoring puppy foods on dog food evaluation sites.

  • If you don't plan to use Diamond Brand Naturals foods, I recommend looking for a similar food that is chicken and rice or lamb and rice based, and that you avoid foods with lots of corn. Corn is just a filler, and causes larger, softer stools in most cases.


Antioxidant Supplement

Information about this great supplement coming soon...


  • Rope toys

  • Hard plastic toys (Nylabone, Kong)

  • Stuffed animals if made for dogs, and don't have squeakers or eyes that can be pulled/chewed off

  • No squeaky toys (safety hazard)

  • No rawhide chews (safety hazard)


  • An old towel in the puppies crate is best initially in case the puppy soils it, but a doggie bed will also work and would be enjoyed later as well.

Comfort Products

Just to consider...some people consider these helpful in the first couple weeks puppies come home!

Your new puppy will cry off and on for several days "most likely" after leaving his littermates. A new home, new family, and new schedule creates stress, and puppies are confused until they begin to forget their previous environment. To help reduce your puppy's stress, and also your own distress, you might look into these:

Collar and Leash

  • I recommend that you not spend a lot of money on your puppy's first collar because he/she will grow out of it quickly. To begin, a simple and inexpensive collar is fine, and within a month or two, you can buy a very special collar. :-)


  • A non-tipping food bowl and water bowl.


  • Positive reinforcement.

  • Purchase a very small bag of any puppy food other than the one you are using for meals, such as Purina Puppy Chow. Although I don't like this food because of its corn content, it is nutritionally balanced and is healthier for use as treats than most dog treats. As with all treats, limit the quantity to avoid obesity.

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